Device Features

  • Works on both Verizon and AT&T networks in the same radio
  • Compatible with any alarm panel supporting CID, SIA and 4+2
  • Supports keybus and remote UDL for selected panels
  • End-user smartphone app for remote arming and disarming
  • Installer app for on-site testing of status and signal strength
  • Powers from the panel and comes pre-activated for quick and easy installation


Uplink Advantages

  • Flat-rate billing for Verizon and AT&T with no ovarage charges
  • Seamless reporting to any central monitoring station
  • End-user and installer smartphone apps
    for device control and configuration
  • Secure dealer website allowing remote
    activation, configuration and management
  • Live technical and activation support,
    8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST,
    Monday through Friday

The 5530M includes the latest LTE-M technology for the best performance and longest life cycle. The device features full events reporting for use as a primary communicator, perfect for any location.

The dial-capture technology provides universal compatibility with virtually any alarm panel. The device also enables keybus integration and remote Upload/Download with selected alarm panels. On-board input and output terminals allow remote arming and disarming, using a smartphone.

The 5530M communicates to central stations in the most popular alarm formats – Contact ID, SIA, and Pulse 4+2.


The 5500M includes the latest LTE-M technology for the best performance and longest life cycle. The 5500M is designed as a summary event communicator.

The device comes pre-activated for quick and easy installation.

Device management and configuration is done via Uplink Dealers Portal, Installer app, or a live operator.

Uplink Security Solutions

Uplink offers cellular alarm communications for intrusion and fire to support residential and commercial applications. Uplink also offers remote apps and video services. As a substitute or backup for landline alarm communications, Uplink remains on the job with a secure, reliable connection that’s always connected and transmits alarm events instantly and accurately.

Carrier grade connection to the cellular network for real-time transfer of signals to the 24/7 network operations center (NOC)

Servers immediately match the signal to your customer information and send the signal to the central station

High speed communication network delivers signals to the NOC via dependable servers with high uptimes

Signals are sent in a format that is compatible with most any central station